Hi This is Amrita :)

An extremely decisive soul and a passionate learner who sets and achieves goals in the field of marketing, business analysis, corporate strategy and operational analytics. Armed with 5+years of industry experience, ranging with an apt mix of big corporate house and growth stage start-ups. A strategic thinking sprinkled with entrepreneurial spirit Amrita has build internet tools and products for better healthcare and lifestyle.

A clinical researcher with a passion for building lean statistical model to aid in business decision, marketing, sales alignment and exponential business growth. Amrita has a passion for solving critical business problem and building growth hacking solutions for SMBs across the globe.

Amrita has a acute skill of making data talk and reveal its darkest secrets, once she conjures these secrets the storyteller in her weaves the most engaging tale to keep the busy investors and stakeholders sit tight.

As a marketer she knows the beauty of human brains. “Consumers are never interested in ads, they are keen about content that interests them and sometime it is an ad”- Someone cute.

In the past couple of years Amrita has gauged what makes or breaks a marketing campaign. From content strategy to media buying, Marketing Segmentation to GTM strategy she has done is all.

Nothing excites her more than breaking up an extremely complex business problem and solve it in segments and shout ‘Eureka’ for the newly designed optimization solution.

Hobbies: Business case blogging, Public speaking, Mythology, Literature research, Contemporary art, smart business communication and content marketing tools, exploring online tools, community storytelling, TEDx, Toastmasters.

And yes- She loves talking


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