Data Science Myth Busters-Part 1

We as humans have an inherent tendency of finding short-cuts in life.

Are you surprised?

Thinking you are not the one?

Good for you –welcome to the clan but here is a little example of how mad people are for overnight success. Even though we all know there is nothing known as overnight success. You have work you ass off , go through the worse possible phrase of your life and then one day –one goddamn fine day you get the shot at fame.

In life there is no 60 seconds to fame.



In the recent years the business world suddenly has seemed to have unraveled a new miracle called Data Sciences. This miracle career track seems to be the solution for automation job losses. It is the new investment banking or oil mining and seems to be paying in millions. Every other novice LinkedIn profile has Data sciences in their skill set. Data science is suddenly like Java or Mysql where everyone wants to learn it since the job market demands it.

Or is it so?

Everyone is talking about R , Python and Tableau. So it Data Science the new Dotcom or is it just another bubble waiting to burst?

The good news is Data Science is not a miracle and the bad news is people are  sometimes too ignorant to understand what data science is really and how to master it for financial gains.

Myth 1- Data Science Jobs are High Paying

I was in AJ Bombers in Milwaukee helping myself with a comfort burger –as I was depressed with my failed search for Milwaukee famous burgers.  Suddenly a Bangladeshi waiter pops up and my Bengali genes gets a tickle and we start chatting (In Bengali 😛 ) . So this guy tells me he came to states to survive – He drove a taxi for 18 months and also part time worked as a waiter and sponsored his studies and now he is joining as  a DS engineering with a big telecom brand with 97,000USD PA.

Overnight success story? Small town prodigy? Or a living example of the market value of Data Sciences?

Answer–  Neither of the above.

Firstly – The Bangladeshi Immigrant was a kickass smart chap and he was going to make it big in life no matter what. He has the gut and the gumption. Secondly Data Science is not the magic skill that is fetching him almost 100K annual salary. History bears the witness-anyone who had been good at math and coding had always made big bucks since the seventies.

Then how did Data Science as a job option became the highest paying job?


Data is the  new oil. Agreed to that but Data Science is not new. It was always there camouflaged and was not a page 3 news until  recent years. Math was always there, coding was always there. The only difference is now we apply them holistically to data (historic data) .

Nothing new.

So stop fantasizing on the topic of Data Science and work hard on your maths, logical thinking and coding skills if you want to rise up your career track and not become obsolete to automation.


Myth 2- IT people have an edge in analytics and big Data.

Welcome to the club of misconceptions and misinformation. Do you know what IT people do? They kill their time at work and chat at coffee table and sometime pretend to code.

“Ouch Ouch! Wait IT folks I have not yet finished my statement.”

No I am wrong. They actually work hard-24/7 to ensure that clients are happy and the product is delivered on time.

But the output is usually not what it should be.


The IT firms had made the job of application development and data management so mundane that people have lost their creativity and are stuck doing the same job every day without applying their brains anymore. This is where stagnation starts –and to top it the yearly bonus and decent Pay check make it worse for them as it fattens their ego. Bottom-line they are no longer open to learning and are not passionate enough to sit with the young folks to learn about new technology. Talk to a 39 years old IT support lady who got fired in this automation race and listen to what she has to say. (I will reserve my thoughts here)

Automation is good, Bots are good –they are not eating away your jobs. They are just giving you a stimulus to work hard and surpass them in smartness.  So coming back to my Myth- No IT folks have no advantage when it comes to big data and data sciences. Consulting folks might have since they are already smart and have been sleeping with data dumps since eons (I am biased towards consultants 😛 ) . So if you have no prior IT experience –don’t use it as an excuse (unless you are a really lazy ass who does not want to work).

Anyone can learn Data Science and Big data Analytics (How? Follow my site for upcoming tutorials and 30 days guides 😛 ) and anyone can master it. Good thing is –it is damn open source with large data sources available for free on the internet. If you are passionate you will.

Even if you are a mother with a 4 year old son – you can still learn it ( I am soon coming with a series for senior techies who wants to upgrade their skills while feeding their kids).

The only thing stopping you from excelling is your mind block –get over it and get going.

In conclusion- Data Science is challenging –Yes

Data Science is high playing- Yes

We all can learn Analytics- Yes

But don’t embark on a career track just because it is in demand or is high paying. Learn something because you are passionate about it.

PS- Quora is an amazing source of information for someone who is just looking into data analytics and data sciences

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