Get more for less is the buzzword in every industry. A salary negotiation table is the perfect example of how much we crave for more for much –well much less. And if you are an entrepreneur who is bootstrapping then your need for more for less is not only an idyllically case but a necessity.  You cannot cut on your budget when it comes to bare necessity such as hosting your site-getting a tech team ,design guy operation almost everything.

So let Strategy shots take care of your marketing woes. I (strategy shot) spent a super lazy evening hunting the internet to come up with 5 engaging apps which will let you have the word out without spending a single marketing dollar.

(hush secret- I myself use them because – like you even I am kind of  Ahem living from day to day :O ).





2016 saw a huge influx of bots and online chatter on weather bots can replace real human beings. Whether bots can replace human touch or not is a topic of another article. But right now you need a product which can go out and take care of your customer care needs and make the right promotion at the right time to increase sales. With chatbot you can’

  • Use facebook messenger and comments to push customers through sales funnel
  • Take order directly from Facebool (Cool ?)
  • Gather data about your customers to keep them up to date with relevant products.



app 2

We all need email marketing no matter which century marketers we are and mailchimp is the perfect tool which will help you manage your marketing strategy and take your business a notch higher.  It helps you move your sales funnel faster keeping a track of your sales funnel along with

  • Build on a marketing strategy connecting your site with your email campaign
  • Use transaction data to create more customized emails
  • Integrate with Facebook and leverage your social power
  • Automation marketing
  • Reporting (you can get rid of that smart but expensive reporting analyst )



app 3

It is a free to try social media content builder and posting tool. It will do away with your need to hire a smart design freelancer and will design templates for all your facebook twitter and linkedin marketing campaigns and it comes along with a built-in graphics editor. PromoRepublic will help you with.

  • Library with 1000000 post templates and visuals
  • Calendar of ideas for campaign posting and trending topic.
  • In –built graphics editor with drag and drop facility



app 4

Hotjar is a really powerful tool that will help you analyze your website performance. It basically is a heat map of everyplace your visitor is spending their time and what is repelling them.Hotjar will basically help you with

  • Recording of movements of visitors in your website
  • Understand where your visitors abandoned you.
  • Survey tool




Here goes my personal favourite. Canva has helped me (strategy shots) not only in designing my social posts but also my magazine graphics and  “hush hush”- the cover for my debut book (Unnamed desires)

Infomercial haha 🙂


app 5

Canva is a design platform which will help you to design everything from presentation templates to social posts to postcards. Impressive huh. Apart from this Canva can also help you with

  • A library of fonts
  • A variety of illustrations, images and templates
  • Drag and drop system which makes using tool quick and easy.



app 6

Yoast is there to take care of all your SEO worries. It provides you with a bunch of tools to optimize every aspect of your website. It is a one-shop solution for every organic marketing needs through one wordpress plugin.

  • Yoast will give your page SEO ranking
  • Help with meta description
  • Traffic lights to understand your pain points
  • Readability score




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