Data Visualization of top 100 movies of all time.

How many times have you spend your lazy summers binge watching Oscar winning movies?

 More than often I guess.

I was doing the same while attending a MAD (make a difference ) camp in Arunachal Pradesh India. Watching the intense acting and dialogue delivery of Al-Pacino in the Godfather tingled my analyst’s nerves. I got down and started downloading data to run my own project analyzing the data and trends of 100 great movies of all time and what makes them tick. Although my project will be up in a few days  (The kids in my leadership camp have kept me on my toes J  plus my tech support is studying for GRE) I thought about sharing a similar work done by Kate Silver  in Behance by adobe.

Movies have their own little charm and it is even more charming when you can visualize them in brilliant info graphics.

pic 1


pic 2

pic 3


pic 4


pic 5


pic 6


pic 7


Hope you liked keep. Keep tuned we will soon upload an open source project section with visualization of real time data analysis.



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