Fantastic (big) data and where to find them

“Hey! Mr. English Guy! I think your egg is hatching.” — Jacob

This fantastic novel from the Harry Potter lineage did more than mere justice to the book, the world of mystery and helped us geeks transport into the world of imagination which eventually helped us create/imagine even better visualization.

So in the magic world it is interesting to know about fantastic beasts and where to find them but for us muggles the game is slightly different. The game is even more sophisticated for Data Scientists .

For data Scientists the buzz word is Fantastic (Big) data and where to find them. It is not unfair to categories big data and the fantastic beast- after it all has make out online experiences more customized and smooth . Improved basic infrastructure for countries , prevented teen pregnancy and hey!it has even helped prevent suicide.

So where is this big data and from where can we access them?

This Infographic from Kapow can help you understand the various sources of big data and how they differ, categorizing them as internal or external (or both), showing which have APIs, and measuring their velocity, variety and volume.

A deep analysis of this info graph will help you in solving the deep mysteries of accessing big data and then even you will know where to find them 🙂








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