Netflix Engineering Game- Chaos Engineering

(This article has originally appeared at at on September 25, 2015.) Several years ago we introduced a tool called Chaos Monkey. This service pseudo-randomly plucks a server from our production deployment on AWS and kills it. At the time we were met with incredulity and skepticism. Are we crazy? In production?!? Our reasoning was sound,... Continue Reading →

Data Science Myth Busters-Part 1

We as humans have an inherent tendency of finding short-cuts in life. Are you surprised? Thinking you are not the one? Good for you –welcome to the clan but here is a little example of how mad people are for overnight success. Even though we all know there is nothing known as overnight success. You... Continue Reading →

Fantastic (big) data and where to find them

"Hey! Mr. English Guy! I think your egg is hatching." — Jacob This fantastic novel from the Harry Potter lineage did more than mere justice to the book, the world of mystery and helped us geeks transport into the world of imagination which eventually helped us create/imagine even better visualization. So in the magic world... Continue Reading →

Are product managers the mini CEOs?

The role of a product manager is ever expanding and is gradually becoming all encompassing. It is primarily due to the increasing use of data in decision making and evolution of software development methodologies such as Lean architecture and agile thinking. In the recent years with the evolution of digital technologies lots of emphasis is... Continue Reading →

Data Visualization- Journey down the memory lane.

The bright lights of the conference room glowed again momentarily blinding the executives of the leadership team. Amy had done a good job. The Tableau Visualization on the screen absolutely corroborated why South East Asia is the region the fortune 50 company should look at doing business with in the coming years. The storyboard corroborated... Continue Reading →

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